The practice of yoga has lost its roots in various communities around the world. As one of humanities oldest practices, yoga is a transformative, multi-dimensional and dynamic technique that allows the human mind to connect with its immortal soul. Yoga is simply the science of self-realization. Rather than approaching yoga as a means to a sweaty work-out and toned arms, I see the practice as a tool to delve deep within the psyche and emerge with profound insights regarding my soul’s mission in this life. The goal is to evolve on this earthly realm as well as within the cosmic realm of divine consciousness.

The root of yoga lies within union; yoga translated is “to yoke.” Through the practice of asana, or the physical practice of the postures, we are able to attain our “seat.” Therefore the goal of yoga is to create ease in the body so that you can create ease in the mind; still the body’s waters and observe the mind’s processes. This is where we create the peace and clarity to be just quiet enough to receive our soul’s will. It is an effortful practice, but once we cultivate the understanding to acknowledge the small acts of grace, it is a practice that will set you on a path towards divine evolution.