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Below are some teachings and philosophies that I very much adore and do my best to emulate.

"We are learning to see that we are in this together—and nobler words could not be spoken at this time of vexed exclusions, legitimized exterminations, and weaponized boundaries. This is a time to linger at the edges, to lean into the troubling intersection points where the differences between me and you, us and them, queer and straight, nature and culture, living and nonliving, man and world, are not given and done, but still in the making. This is a time to stay with the trouble of knowing that there is no becoming that is not a becoming-together."
-Bayo Akomolafe, These Wilds Beyond Our Fences

"We are divine but imperfect beings who exist in two worlds, material and spiritual. It is our destiny to shuttle back and forth between these universes through space and time while we learn to master ourselves and acquire knowledge. We must trust in the process with patience and determination. Our essence is not fully knowable in most physical hosts, but Self is never lost because we always remain connected to both worlds."
-Micheal Newton, Journey of Souls
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“You must not let your life run in the ordinary way; do something that nobody else has done, something that will dazzle the world. Show that God's creative principle works in you.”

-Paramahansa Yogananda

"Throwing my life to the winds, I would follow, once again, where Spirit leads."
-Dan Millman, Sacred Journey of the Peaceful Warrior

"There is eventually only one story, the story of the universe. Every form of being is integral with this comprehensive story. Nothing is itself without everything else. Each member of the Earth community has its own proper role within the entire sequence of transformations that have given shape and identity to everything that exists."

-Thomas Berry, The Universe Story

“The avowed purpose of this involvement is to integrate the statements of the unconscious,
"Be patient toward all that is unsolved in your heart and try to love the questions themselves... Live the questions now. Perhaps you will gradually, without noticing it, live along some distant day into the answer."
-Rainer Maria Rilke
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The Magic Square, by Nevine Michaan founder of Katonah Yoga, is a technique for embodiment that helps the practitioner organize themselves in time and space, in both their internal and external worlds.

"Perhaps it will turn out that you are called to be an artist. Then take that destiny upon yourself and bear it, its burden and its greatness, without ever asking what recompense might come from the outside. For the creator must be a world for herself and find everything in herself and in Nature to whom she has attached herself."
-Rainer Maria Rilke
Growth is a cyclical evolution. We never come back to the same point twice. We ebb and flo
"You do not know what you can do, or who you are in your fullest significance, or what powers are hiding within you. All exists in the emptiness of your potentiality, a realm that cannot be seen or tasted or touched. How will you bring these powers forth? How will you awaken your creativity? By responding to the allurements that beckon to you, by following your passions and interests."
-Brian Swimme,
The Universe is a Green Dragon
"As mad with universal responsibility as I may be, I cannot get anything done without changing myself, without freeing myself from routinized imagination and becoming a buddha myself. Then, I can create a world of love."
-Robert Thurman, Inner Revolution
"The heart that breaks open can contain the whole universe."
-Joanna Macy
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