spirit guides

Everybody who’s anybody has spirit guides. These guides are of a higher evolution and they are a part of your spiritual network of conscious energy that hold your highest interests at heart. As a part of your soul contract, these guides have agreed to join you in this life in order to help you realize your lessons and ensure that you stick to your personal path of growth. They are with you every moment and because of this, they feel so familiar to us that they are ingrained in our nervous system. By training our awareness to acknowledge and feel their presence, we can actually communicate with them. To begin, try the meditation activity at the bottom of this page. This technique was taught to me by an incredible spiritual psychic and energy worker in Boise, ID.


All spirit is accessible once you have the tools to communicate. If this is something that particularly calls to you, look into the resources offered at the Berkeley Psychic Institute. For now though, remember that thought drives energy. Put an intention behind your next meditation to call in a guide and then trust your imagination and whatever information comes up. Ask for a name and a valance and then ask them what you’d like to know. Be careful, however, because not all beings serve the light and it is important to establish your boundaries. Before you begin, consciously establish that whoever makes contact with you must be of a higher and helpful frequency. Ask that they protect your time by coming and going when asked. Request easeful communication—like, make sure that they really get you. Finally, ensure that they respect your space and that they remember that you, as an embodied individual hold seniority. We set up these boundaries to protect ourselves and to foster clear communication. In the representation of duality, there are positive spirits that wish to help you and negative spirits that want to prevent your evolution. So we simply err on the side of caution.


You can call in spirit for anything at all. If you need help training your dog, call in a spirit who is particularly good with dogs. It sounds silly, but this is legit. Just as humans have different talents and specialties, so too, does spirit. I like to call in teachers and I have established relationships with a handful of wonderful spirits who have helped me tremendously as I seek to uncover information and explore the universe.


Just because we’re embodied does not mean that we’ve lost touch with our spiritual selves. We only think that we have due to the ego’s influence and the idea of separation. By training our consciousness, we have access to all the information that we want. These guides teach us that we’re never alone and we’re always supported. They’re worth getting to know if only for a good conversation.

Do a quick meditation, only 5-10 minutes. Sit quietly for a few minutes focusing on your breath and deepening into the experience. Once you feel like your perception has sunken a little deeper and you’re able to pull your awareness away from all external stimuli, ask your guides to step outside of the room or house for a moment. Notice any shifts. Notice how you feel without their presence around you. Then have them come back to you.