My classes and privates offer individualized attention to set you into alignment in order to create space within. My teachings refer to the body as a reflection of your subconscious inter-workings; the vessel for your soul. Dive deep with me and emerge with clarity to continue on your path of fundamental and spiritual evolution.


I am deeply inspired and in awe of the Katonah Yoga practice which uses elements from Taoism, Hatha and Kundalini yoga in one transformative practice. I am also inspired by my studies in depth psychology, as well as other spiritual and metaphysical mediums, all of which enhance and motivate my curiosity and understanding of the greater workings of the Universe.

Find me at Muuv Boise

Mondays 6:45pm - Restorative 

Wednesdays 12:05pm - Flow 


For undivided attention and incredible transformative adjustments ;))), we work together to address your own personal needs in order to create spaciousness in the body. I offer individual or group privates where I’ll supply all the props!!