sacred geometry

Sacred geometry is a very old and very cool system for uncovering the laws of the cosmos. Numerology transcends language in such a way that it is able to convey universal messages that hold up over time. Each number, 1-10, has a representative essence or archetype that illustrates some sort of universal pattern that is then replicated throughout the entirety of creation. Eventually this page will outline each number, but for now, let’s start with the numbers one, two and three.


One: One is creation. It is the origin of the universe represented by a single point. One is the source from which we came, some call it God. Ancient wisdom talks about the universe being mysteriously formed from a single energy which encompasses the whole of creation. One represents the circle which is equally expansive in every single direction around its center. The circle represents the wheel which displays the cyclical movement of cycles. Cycles exist all around us whether it be the cycles in nature or our own emotional cycles. The cycle of the universe is an outward and inward expansion and contraction emanating from the source of center. Source energy moves out, source energy returns home. Because energy is driven by consciousness, one might believe that consciousness drives creation. The conscious soul carries with it a flicker of this creation energy. The soul moves away from source, but its mission is to return.


Two: Two gives us polarity, one of the universe’s natural and defining laws. Everything is created in opposition to something else. Hot has cold. Joy has sadness. A proton has an electron. Everything is either feminine or masculineyin or yang. Like the symbol of the yin-yang, each side holds a small piece of its opposite. Together, they create a cycle of movement that seeks to merge and unite (in the number one). Two places us on a spectrum between two dual extremes. Two creates the vesica piscis, which is the birth portal. From two, the many is created. Because two creates opposition, it gives us separation, but the wise and skilled practitioner will see that the portal gives us a way through oppositiona merge towards unity.


Three: By passing through the portal, we establish ourselves in the center of the spectrum of dual extremesthe number three. Therefore, three is mediation and balance. Balance gives us strength, structure and security, like the triangle. Three allows us to transcend the idea of separateness and reach the realm of the ten thousand things, or the many. This is the knowledge of infinite possibility. Because three represents through, three also teaches us of rebirth and transformation. It is the cycle of creation, preservation, and destruction. What comes after three is the beginning of a new cycle. Three creates the trinity, a word that is derived from “tri-unity.” Three, like two, will always come back to the one.


All of these principles make up the construct of the universe and in that, they also make up the constructs of the individual. Utilize the number one to uncover your personal expansion and contraction or inward and outward movement. Two will tell you of your own extremes. Three will teach you how to strike balance. All will remind you of the unity within the whole.

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