resources + recommendations
This site is a network for learning and connection. Resources of all variations can be found by exploring the pages within the portal, but for easy guidance, here's a list. These are my teachers—the people, the teachings, the books, the videos—everything that underpins the backbone of knowledge contained within this site. Take whatever resonates and run with it.
Headspace: Perfect introductory meditation app that will help you establish a consistent routine
Insight Timer: Offers a broad range of recordings from past life regression to meditations that will soothe anxiety and stress
Kyle Miller Yoga: Very fun and inspiring yoga. Practice with Kyle virtually or buy one of her bundles
The Studio, NYC: New York City's hub for Katonah Yoga. Offering a digital studio so you can get the techniques from this life-changing practice from anywhere
Katonah Yoga, Bedford: The home of Katonah's founder and mystic, Nevine Michaan. Thanks to Covid, currently offering live classes and trainings
The Bhagavad Gita: Ancient text about the root of yoga as a spiritual practice and way of life. Timeless lessons and worth the read
Autobiography of a Yogi: Written by Paramahansa Yogananda, a biography not only tracing his extraordinary life, but incorporates insight, wisdom, and spiritual anecdotes proving the magic in a spiritually led existence.
Berkeley Psychic Institute: Where my teacher trained, this institute is for the spiritual explorer. Learn meditation, psychic and healing skills or receive a psychic reading. Includes online offerings. 
Staying Healthy with the Seasons: Illustrating the teachings from eastern and western medicine, this book teaches the reader to align themselves with nature in order to utilize the natural energies of the world
The Beginner's Guide to Constructing the Universe: An introduction to sacred geometry, an interactive and "simplified" version of the creation of the universe using numbers and archetypes
Sacred Journey of the Peaceful Warrior: A wonderful epic tale of a real life account of following intuition and spirituality. Portrays its own variation of the three realms within the human body and the cosmos
Journey of Souls: An analysis, interpretation, and illustration of the soul realm, our eternal home
Particles and Waves: The Central Mystery of Quantum Mechanics - Chad Orzel: Intro into quantum physics in under 5 minutes
Everything is Energy: Energy explained beneath the realm of spirituality
6 Ways Mushrooms Can Save the World | Paul Stamets: An introduction into the potency of mushrooms
The Science of Psychedelics - with Michael Pollan: Behind the scenes of mushrooms as psychedelics, not just a party drug