the realms

There are three overarching lower realms that exist within human reach: the gross, the astral, and the causal. The gross realm is where you are now. Earth. Any physical space. A being in any of the grosser realms will dwell in a physical body and utilize its senses. The astral realm is the in-between of the gross and causal. Characterized by a lighter density, beings may be partially physical and partially etheric. The realm is ruled by consciousness. Finally, the causal realm is the realm of the soul where sensations of peace, bliss, and harmony radiate throughout. 


Because the human is a microcosm of the universe, we also experience these realms within ourselves. We have three bodies, our physical bodyruled by the mind and the vehicle for this planetthe astral bodya second, etheric body that can detach from the physical and is controlled by consciousness, and finally; our soul or Higher Self. In another description from Dan Millman’s book, Sacred Journey of the Peaceful Warrior, the three selves are described as the Conscious Self, the Basic Self and the Higher Self. The Conscious Self is the analytical and reasoning side of you. It interprets the world around you by categorizing and labeling. This is the mind’s work. Our Basic Self is playful and primal. It operates within our subconscious which is our portal to the universe. Like the astral plane itself, it is wild. With it’s all-seeing eye, the Basic Self holds our intuition, so attuning your ear to its messages will always help guide the way. The Higher Self, as your soul, is your internal well of inspiration. It provides life with that extra magic element where you can see and appreciate all its many wonders.


From the psychological perspective, there are also three layers of the mind. The conscious mind, critical and pragmatic; the subconscious mind containing all our memories both personal and collective; and the superconscious mind where we meet our higher power. So you see, these three elements have many different descriptions among various backgrounds, but the concept is all the same. By understanding your three selves, you unravel the universe.


We live in the physical realm every day, so you're already familiar with its challenges. As the densest realm, it is the most subject to negative energies. These energies try extensively to feed ideas of greed, hatred, and delusion into the hearts of us earth-dwellers, and because we are also dense-bodied individuals, we are particularly susceptible. 


Through meditation and working with our consciousness, we can access the other realms. The astral realm is fun because all the rules and limitations of a physical existence are out the window. You can fly and you can shapeshift. From an earthly perspective, it’s fun to live without limitations. The causal realm is the true destination, however. It’s where our soul was born and it is our true and familiar home. When we are able to access this realm from here on earth, we are reminded of the big picture and we are reminded of the whole.

Spirit Realm

The spirit realm, as described by Michael Newton in Journey of Souls, exists in the causal realm. As souls, it is where we come from and where we go when we die. The soul is what lives on. Life on earth is only temporary but we are eternal. Our job is to evolve and we choose lives on earth or elsewhere that will uplift and enhance our learning. Earth is a wonderful teaching tool. But in the spirit realm, we reflect on our earthly lives and dissect them for meaning and lessons learned. We live and learn among our soul-family and help each other grow and expand with no semblance of competition or hierarchy. We choose our next life and our next body and we prepare for another quick trip back to embodiment. The entire backdrop of our existence is in learning and helping others. It’s about being the best we can be in accordance to proper morals and ethics. These are the innate desires of our soul and the more we live them out here on earth, the faster we learn our lessons.

All of these realms have many tiers, thus contributing to the infinite and complex nature of the universe. But with simplification and self-exploration, we can start to understand them. To my knowledge, there are actually seven realms but it is the lower three realms that are somehow within our reach. The rest are too high up in frequency for a human being to experience. Perhaps they are accessible to very advanced beings who are no longer incarnating, but that information is for them to know, and for us to oneday find out.

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