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Image by Matt Hardy

Activating your Soul's Potential

What were you put on this Earth to do? What dormant potentials lie within you? Uncover your gifts, talents, and passions and allow them to help guide and deepen you toward your personal telos. Through the exploration of our inner world, we come into contact with the deeper layers of our Self or Soul.  Our inner work ultimately transforms into outer expression as we learn how to activate our true Self and nature in the world for others to see. In the words of Brian Swimme, "Whenever you are filled with a desire to fling your gifts into the world, you have become the cosmic dynamic of celebration...Self expression is the primary sacrament of the universe." In other words, being human is about discovering your true and authentic nature and sharing it with others.

Making the Unconscious Conscious

Becoming conscious is the general goal of personal healing and development. The majority of our entire being lies in the unconscious, that’s just the nature of the human and the universe. But whatever lurks in the unconscious has the capacity to influence our lives without our awareness. Therefore, by making our unconscious patterning conscious, we develop our own capacity to choose whether or not we’d like to operate in that particular way. Through choice, we cultivate freedom. So a good place to start is by exploring our attachments, aversions, and misconceptions about who we are and why we are. By deepening our sense of personal understanding, we grow in our conscious evolution.


Spiritual Exploration

The roots of religion date back since the dawn of humanity, some may even argue before. Humans evolved looking for meaning and purpose. Many of us, however, have become disenchanted by the religions in which we were born into and in leaving them behind, have been left with a spiritual void. We often fill that void with materialistic concerns—money, status, celebrity culture—anything that we believe gives us purpose or thrill. But these concerns are impermanent and therefore, unreliable. In fact, they contribute to our felt sense of alienation. True meaning and purpose come from an inner spiritual faith and it’s totally subjective. This is something we can explore together.


Biography and Karma

Why did your soul choose this life? What lessons are there here to learn? What gifts do you wish to foster to cultivate your soul’s potential? These are questions we can explore by unraveling your karmic biography. A karmic biography, or soul biography, presents a perspective that allows us to see past the confines of this physical reality. Oftentimes, this sort of exploration provides us with an unshakable sense of understanding that can help to combat even some of our hardest struggles. 


Addiction Recovery

Addiction, in the subtle field, is an energy that drains us of our power over time. Carl Jung believes that the energy of addiction targets those who feel isolated socially and/or spiritually, and therefore, it is my belief that we all have a touch of addiction. As a society, we’re addicted to our own mythos of materialism and capitalism which is why, despite seeing the immense harm, we continue to act in ways that will inevitably destroy both ourselves and the planet. Addiction is a reaction to alienation, and alienation is one of the most painful of circumstances. So here, there is no shame around addiction. If your addiction is preventing you from stepping into your potential, then together, we can heal the roots and restore your power.


Eco-Grief and Eco-Resilience

If you're tuned into the ongoing ecological crisis, chances are you'd benefit from some support around your emotions for the planet and its lifeforms. The way I see it, we can become eco-alchemists, transforming our grief into tangible actions within ourselves and within our communities. In the words of Joanna Macy, “Don't be afraid of your heart breaking open. The heart that breaks open can hold the whole universe, it's that big." In feeling our pain for the world, we allow the universe to feel through us and that is a worthy cause.


Designing a Yogic Lifestyle

Sri Aurobindo says that, “all life is yoga,” and believes that the technique of yoga can be used for navigating the present era. Many other yogis and sages would agree. Together, we talk about what it means and what it might look like to live life through a yogic orientation. 


Cultivating a Daily Practice

Whether it’s yoga, meditation, pranayama, journaling, tai chi, or walking, we all benefit from a daily mindfulness practice. My daily practice gives me a sense of personal power and connection which eases and informs every aspect of my day. Together, we can determine your intention and design a practice that works for you.

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