• Sally Smith

Universal Truths: a series introduction

I’m on a big picture kick, like, really big picture. I’ve gone back to the beginning of earth and I’ve looked at our evolution. I know that we all emanate from a source that got divided through forces such as power and control, and now our job here on earth is to rediscover union with the divine. I wonder about the first souls to embody earthly beings. I think about the purpose behind Source’s intention in helping us to ascend to higher realms. I realize Earth’s value as a unique and rare resource for ethereal beings to occupy its territory; some, like us, come for lessons and growth, while others may come to exert their motives on others. The fact is, there are a lot of components at play, so you’re not alone if it all seems a little complicated.

I love the implicit world. I love trusting what I cannot see. I love knowing that there are countless forces, good and bad, beyond my optical vision crossing paths with me, ignoring me, supporting me, or inhibiting me. I know that my path calls for evolution, while others’ calls for destruction. We’re all roaming around on the same landscape, where things quickly become messy and complicated. Oppression, starvation, injustice. Good colliding with evil. Complicated.

There are a lot of extraneous forces from the infinite scroll to foreign entities designed to create circumstances that keep you distracted from your path, but our job is to stay alert, seek out opportunity, and learn from each and every experience. It all seems daunting, uncontrollable, and so incredibly arduous to even wrap our minds around the fact that there is an underlying purpose or plan for any given life; but I’m here to say that these lessons are actually very simple. The extraneous creates complication, so we practice simplicity. The application might be difficult, but we’re here to first become aware of and then master universal truths: truths like simplicity, love, trust, compassion, understanding, surrender, and acceptance. Our various lives will integrate these truths in many different enactments, environments, and experiences, until we, as souls, know them on a level so familiar, that it’s part of our nature and understanding. It’s simple. What follows this is a series on Universal Truths.