• Sally Smith

Universal Truths: Understanding

On understanding...

My good friend and masterful soul-worker, Caitlin, recently led myself and a small group of women through a mini meditation to strip us down to our soul space. We gathered in a circle on her living room floor and started to flush away anything and everything extraneous. While seeping into our layers, we removed our families, our jobs, our homes, our friends, and any sense of identity that we felt through fashion, through style, through locations lived, as well as our passions and our hobbies, until eventually we landed at the seat of the soul.

Quite simply, it was a practice in acknowledging our external attachments and stripping them away, while simultaneously moving inward towards a place that is identified with a pure sense of self. The work is in finding a home in that place. Eventually, the seat of the soul is a place that feels warm and familiar; the feeling of joy is boundless yet easily attained; love is given and received unconditionally yet infinitely.

Ok, so this place that I am speaking about is a portal towards our home. Our true home, where our soul resides. Humankind emanates opposition: in opinions, cultures, politics, and beliefs. There is a constant in the universe where opposition is mediated by a third force which acts to unite differences. It’s a similar idea that lies within the archetype of the numbers in sacred geometry; from a single point, one expands and radiates outward, but what moves outward will eventually move in and return home. The number two represents dual forces: opposition; and three is the mediator. The force that unites. The only reason I suggest this point is to prove that despite differences, there is commonality. Despite differences, humans emanate from the same source, and our work is to return home. At home, we’re all the same.

In a dialogue, either internal or external, tune your awareness to signal out judgement. As we try to conduct ourselves on a path towards growth and realization, begin to notice how the choice that will lead you up that path is oftentimes the more effortful choice. In an instance where you notice opposition or conflict, you have two choices: the downhill path leads towards judgement, and the uphill path leads towards understanding, try to make the climb.

We need to strip ourselves down to the soul. Ourselves and our opponents. A teacher of mine, Melinda, taught myself and my friends how to say a psychic “hello.” Underneath the greeting, it is acknowledgment: soul to soul, addressing the core of someone’s being; a being that has been stripped away from all their external circumstances to the extent where what lies beneath is a singular soul occupying their own seat. A soul that is working on their own personal lessons; lessons that will remain undiscoverable by anyone else but themselves and their guiding spirits: the behind the scenes instigators. Personal paths are just that, personal. No one can practice judgement on a path that is unknown.

Through my limited understanding, this is what I know. Souls become embodied for an infinite number of reasons. Many of us come down to work through our own karmic lessons. Others come down to directly affect our path and force us to grow through opposition or obstruction. Some souls come down to take a break. Some are quite young, and haven’t found their path. Some are quite old, yet wandered off course. Some aren’t even souls at all. Sometimes, master teachers come down to push humanity along or to throw a wrench in the system forcing other souls to assert their will.

We live in a world where interaction is unavoidable; we’re a collective so that we can impose our differences. Let’s acknowledge that opposition creates an opportunity to practice understanding. In the end, there is no way to ever know why a human behaves or believes the way that they do, because they are simply exerting their soul’s will. The lessons that they hoped to learn during this life is all a part of a continuum that is either creating a foundation or filling in the gaps of their own universal knowledge. It’s an all-encompassing journey where the lessons don’t happen in stages, but simultaneously. We’re all in different places, but that doesn’t mean that there is any realm of ranking.

This is a universal truth about understanding. Our effort and energy needs to be directed towards the bigger picture. Go beyond human nature, and recognize the eternal soul deep beyond the physical layers. Understand that in this life, there is no way to conceptualize another person’s soul contract: the reason behind their embodiment. Conflict arises because it is a force that helps balance out the Universe. We know this from the numbers. Our role is not to fix opposition, because as universal law, it will never disappear. Instead, we practice understanding in the face of opposition. Understanding is our mediator. We do this by directing our focus inward, towards our personal path, rather than concerning ourselves with the paths of others. Eventually, we realize that we’re all on the same trajectory; the journey home.