• Sally Smith

the work

I don’t really know what to call it; maybe it doesn’t have a name. For simplicity, I call it magick, but maybe a less elusive term for it would be spirituality in action. My spirituality is a set of beliefs and practices that I uphold to create a life that offers more mystery, comfort and curiosity. These ideas awaken something inside of me that invites in easefulness and joy, but only when I put in the work.

The work is hard, tedious, frustrating, and renders a slow rollout of rewards. This work is to be done over a lifetime, therefore when you’re someone like me, who always wants to get to the next level, receive my next insight, and have all my questions answered immediately, half of my work is being okay with slowing down: patience and surrender. And even though that seems like the opposite of “doing the work,” once you realize a lesson, you’ll notice it coming through in all facets of life. With that acknowledgement, you realize that all along, these lessons are being thrown in your face day after day and all it took was a little awareness.

Awareness is key to the practices. If you’re always in your head ruminating, you’re going to miss something happening right outside your window. Although it’s definitely okay to ruminate; I think that contemplation can offer incredible insights, you don’t want to feel stuck. I often get into the habit of getting off track in the circular thoughts that stir around and around, with no end in sight and no beneficial purpose for being there. I’m learning to recognize them and extricate them. That’s part of my work.

Quick background: I’m new at this. I’ve only been on this particular spiritual path for about a year now, but once I found it, I recognized it immediately and allowed it to expand and materialize into something really powerful and important. It came at the right time; a time where I had the space and means to let it bust open a world of potential and awaken my curiosity in a way that made me realize that I’ll never leave this path, because the work will never end. I do it with no end goal in sight, except to create a more potent and enriching life for myself: to affect and improve this particular material plane of existence for as long as I am here.

My work includes working with consciousness, exploring the vastness of my mind through meditation, lucid dreaming, breathwork, and hard-fought attempts at astral travel, accessing different realms, and exploring past lives. Sometimes my work will take more of the shape of simple rituals in energy manipulation partnered with intention. I seek out connection, knowledge, guidance, and the unknown. I realize that my set of practices is all very woo-woo, but that’s simply my work, where yours may look different.

I read, hike, surf, write and journal, all of which, I also consider part of my work that I must do. I’m practicing how to re-frame my thoughts and say what I am grateful for so that I can be more positive and up my own frequency. My work looks different from anyone else’s; you find what works for you; what makes you happy. Whatever drives your spirit in a way that opens up new and interesting portals to something more meaningful to you. These practices range from meditation to smoking weed and anything in between, so there is no wrong ritual. As long as it is done with intention and threaded with consciousness and it awakens something within your depths, it’s your work.

Whatever it is, know that it is a technique, and with every technique, it takes practice to hone it in. Expect nothing out of it. That’s another technique. Expect nothing, that way when you do receive some glorious milestone of an insight, you’re excited and you’re grateful; you’re now even more willing to go further and deeper, to work harder, because you just got a taste of what this remarkable world can offer you. Everyone has a well of potential within them to exert some influence on their own existence, no one is a cog in the machine. Do your work and exert your efforts whenever you can in a way that makes sense for you. It won’t even take that long, but ultimately, you end up creating a life that never ceases to mystify you.