ready. set. go.

I’ve come to know myself as an entry-level translator and a proponent for spirituality and Self-realization. Five years ago, I would’ve never imagined the capacity that this belief system would take on in my life, but here I am, about to set forth on a cross country road trip in the search of…something. I’m not quite sure yet. Initially, I hoped I would find common threads among humanity—subtle reminders of our connectivity to the whole. But in this world of amassing polarization, I think the search will be challenging and that it might take on unexpected twists and turns. Don’t get me wrong, I haven’t lost hope. I’m still an optimist, but I am curious to see what I will find out there.

It might not surprise you now that I've also come to know myself to be an explorer. Beneath the realm of spirituality, but also life in general, I have a hard time choosing any single direction, so instead, I dabble in a little bit of everything. For the past few years, I’ve mostly been exploring the contents of my own psyche and opening up various doors into the universe. Rarely, have I had an interest in exploring the physical world around me, but I think the two—outer world and inner world—will make way to discoveries that will only enhance and commingle with one another. I’ll let you know if that hypothesis proves correct.

This is my first post on this blog, and with that comes the launch of a website that I’ve been working on and intend to grow as well as an Instagram page. This will also mark the end of a long hiatus from social media. I left because I didn’t like the divide it created—haves and have nots, want this and want that, the overall sensation of not being enough. It’s harmful. But, in today’s world, social media also gives us a platform to spread messages, something very novel to this current time. So, I’ve decided to view Instagram as a construct of the world that we live in and it’s ultimately up the practitioner to use it well. That being said, I aim only to create uplifting content—pure and authentic.

Feel free to peruse the website as well. It’s intended to create a virtual exploration towards the introduction of all things “spirit,” as well as serve as a home base for my many, chaotic, endeavors. This page, however, is where I will be posting my field notes (once my travels begin), so follow along if you please and join me on this odessey of discovery.

The plan is to leave mid-October after I get my affairs in order. Whatever this trip turns out to be, I hope the journey in itself might serve to elevate spirits and create an overall sensation for spiritual activism. The root of spirituality lies in understanding, so I set out to learn, discover, and understand what’s going on within humanity and how we might work to mitigate polarization and remember our role in the bigger picture.

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