• Sally Smith

nothing matters; everything matters

Imagine just for a moment, that you chose this life. At a certain point previous to this current existence, you sat at an astral overlook and saw the greater plan. Unhindered by the incredulous momentum of time and space, you saw both your past and your future at the same time. After inquisition and self-study, your trajectory was clear. Mistakes were acknowledged and new solutions explored. Milestones were accomplished and the lessons learned were cherished. A new cycle breeds expansion. A new life presents opportunities to grow, to rest, or to service another’s development. Time does not exist and earth is a playground; life cycles are a quick trip; a blip in the cosmos. You’ll return sooner than you think.

Now imagine that you chose this body. You chose your family and your environment. You chose every circumstance, good or bad, to mend past mistakes or encourage new insights. There is a duality that lies within significance–nothing matters, meanwhile, everything matters. In mediation, there is extreme comfort in this contradiction.

I suppose you have to believe in reincarnation to really subscribe to this lesson. Life is cyclical, nature repeats. The sun will always come back up; the tide will always flow back in; perennials will sprout through the surface of the damp earth every spring. Death and birth is an infinite cycle. From a single point, we are forever expansive. Opposition is a spectrum, melded together in alikeness. A system of function becomes a pattern when it repeats. These are the laws of the Universe. Humans beings are creations of the cosmos. We are not so special that we defy the organic order of all that is.

I don’t care if you agree with these teachings or not, it is not my mission to proclaim or conform. I do believe, however, that imagination is one of the primary tools one can use to access implicit information. It’s a useful thing to practice.

We’re all students on a playground. Embodied souls making sense of who we are. We play games of cops and robbers; we form friendships and families; we wear masks and take on roles. We fuck up all the time. We’re just learning. We encounter others who push us to learn through warmth and assistance; others teach us who we are by bitterness and aggression. Those who stir up emotions and reactions, the ones who hold significance in any moment in time; they play their role well in urging the ignition of our true Self’s motivations. We’re all part of a grandly orchestrated playground for souls to drop down, mess around a little bit, and see what they come up with. Nothing matters. We all go home at the end of the day to reflect and refine, ready to begin again.

While we are here experiencing this life, playing and growing and screwing up, we don’t lean so far in the direction of insignificance. We’re here, so we make the most out of it. Souls come to earth in efforts to evolve. We diligently choose a life, we handpick our bodily partner and curate our individual circumstances. We do all this to best foster the exhibition of our karmic lessons. Under this lens of perspective, one could argue that everything matters. Looking back on this singular life, can you not see how every step and every misstep has lead you to where you are now? The overused and under analyzed saying that, “everything happens for a reason,” is one of those universal truths that was seized from the cosmic consciousness by the souls triumphing their road to enlightenment; the ones discovering the unsoiled and privy lessons from a place elsewhere and beyond. Everything matters. We chose this life so that we can return home with lessons learned and karma paid in hopes to attain a more evolved state.

Mediation: nothing matters; everything matters. Life is insignificant; life is significant. It’s all the same. In mediation, we hold the center between two extremes. Utilize one extreme over the other when the situation permits. Why do the ones we love die and why does that make our hearts ache and our motivations dissolve? I’ve found that when shit gets really real, look for the lessons. Detachment doesn’t mean not caring. Detachment is the ability to take a step back and see the big picture. Apply the theory; work with the laws of nature; practice pragmatism. Someone very wise told me that karmic debt is repaid in this life through large sums of money or health issues. I will much more happily pay a large fee in knowing that it’s going to alleviate karmic deficiencies. If I leave this body through the weighty fight of an illness or cancer, I’ll enter my next life uplifted and free. Everyone has a past that exceeds this dimension. We come from different places, we come with different missions and we meet together here on earth. We play, we interact, we learn. We are provided another wonderful opportunity to continue our evolution. If circumstances permit and they encourage growth, then it’s a good idea to utilize this life. If not, and you don’t feel like it this time around, fine. Once we return home, the veil is lifted and all that we questioned is known.