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People often boast about the advancements of the mind, but spirituality calls for its downfall. I’ll admit that the human brain is an incredible and complex organ. Its evolution alone is the sole reason that humans have established their reign over all the lower lifeforms. As with all things in existence, however, the mind holds its own duality.

To understand the world around us, we create categories, labels and schemas in order to make sense of it all. This process is mostly automatic so that our brains can operate under autopilot, only becoming alert when new stimulus is introduced. This is the mind’s way of trying to be helpful but when we view our world solely by categories and labels, then we’re constantly under the influence of pragmatism. Sounds good in theory, but life isn’t pragmatic. The world and the universe don’t operate in some well-defined order. It’s messy and it’s intricate so our unconscious approach is to try and clean it up. But in cleaning it up, we categorize only by what is familiar and we miss the bigger picture entirely. We miss out on obtaining a greater perspective.

Ancient wisdom teaches us to “cease the fluctuations of the mind,” that is, meditation. The mind is responsible for desire and distraction, two powerful forces that keep humanity from getting done anything worthwhile or beneficial. Once we’re able to control the mind, we open up the portal to spirit - the other end of this dual spectrum. By defeating the mind, we’re able to free ourselves.

Intuition is the language of the soul and the nemesis of the mind. It’s your Higher Self making contact despite the mind’s incessant babbles of distraction. Intuition sifts in, almost unnoticed, and leaves you with a parting favor. It’s quick and it’s quiet. It takes a trained ear to recognize its entrance, but learn to hear this inner voice and you have a guidebook for life.

We’re constantly faced with decisions that keep us bouncing back and forth between infinite scenarios of cause and effect. Evolutionarily, we idolize safety, but spiritually, we want adventure. Adventure broadens perspective. Pragmatism is helpful, don’t get me wrong. But it’s also wildly boring. We must be pragmatic in doing what is best for ourselves, but we can’t let the mind drive us into mundanity.

I’ve made some big moves in the past few days. I bought an old van and I’m selling my car. The “big moves” are scary. They also elicit so much doubt in me that I’m up all night with my mind in overdrive. That fucking mind. But fear and doubt are constructs of the mind. They force me to question my inner voice. Here’s a tip that I learned from someone wiser than myself: first thought is intuition, second thought is doubt. The mind will tell you whatever it has to in order to achieve its agenda. Trust intuition always. Intuition tells me “go,” that the inevitable hardships that come with adventure will lead towards immense growth and unimaginable insights. I’m in it for the insights. I’m in it for the adventure and I’m in it for the perspective. I’ll do it for the ancient sages who do what they feel, not what they see. I’ll do it because I hold exploration above all else and because intuition told me too.

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