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I’ll be honest with you, that last post was a little forced. Still valuable information, but forced nonetheless. I’m having a hard time deciding my direction—my voice, my mission, my branding—everything. Journey is such a washed-out word, but that’s what this is—a journey. Journeys unfold. They twist and turn and when you think you catch sight of point B, it flashes away into the ether. Gone. So that’s my “voice.” Forever unfolding. You can come along with me if you please.

If you do choose to come with me, I need to let you know who I am first—a background check of your travel buddy. I’ve learned quite a lot from my inner explorations, but I’m going to sum it up for you and skip to the part of how I got here… I do think that the world has already entered into a phase of destruction. If that’s tough to hear—sorry. But let’s wake up. I am deeply sensitive and highly empathic. I cry a lot, mostly listening to the news. I also know that personal exploration is the same as universal exploration and that is spirituality to me. It encompasses a lot. I do have a good ear for intuition and I try to follow it. I wasn’t lying in my previous post—intuition and all that that entails set me on this course.

I’ve been battling back and forth about the best ways to document this trip—“documenting this trip” being the keywords that set off a red flag because ultimately, this trip is for me. I’ve glimpsed a peek at my role in the bigger picture and there are some spiritual steps I need to climb in order to get there. I also have a conundrum because I did write a book over quarantine. I wrote it in order to process and integrate everything that I have learned in the past few years. I wrote it because this shift in perspective has opened up the entire universe to me. I wrote it to share with others because, at least for me, it has given me a profound sense of security in this forever shuddering world.

So, back to my conundrum. Books, unfortunately, need to be marketed. And I, unfortunately, don't have a marketing mind. I have accepted my fate, however, and I have gotten myself a social media handle, and for anyone that fell victim to my mass following, I’m sorry. Again, I’m trying to sort out how to move forward. I’ve come to the conclusion that I need help. For anyone that comes across this post, if you feel so inclined, help me by sharing the Instagram or the blog among your friends, by word of mouth, on your own feed, in text threads or email chains, whatever. And don’t promise anyone a beautiful feed or kitschy stories, but perhaps another portal to virtual exploration. I know that my voice and my feed is no better than anyone else’s, but it is one that I can control. I promise to be real, and unfortunately, I promise to be vulnerable, which I hate.

So, that’s it. This is an unfolding journey where I can’t make any promises. I’m documenting it because we should all be navigating our own lives through spiritually-fueled journeys. This one is very explicit—an actual road trip—but I have had many expeditions that largely happened in my own bedroom, behind my computer screen, or in my therapist’s office. This one will be much more fun to follow, I can guarantee that.

The voice is my own—motivated, passionate, and sometimes insecure. The mission isn’t clear but lies somewhere in the field of spiritual awakening. My marketing needs help—please help me. I can’t pretend to know what I am doing, because I don’t, but I am following the threads of insight that I receive in small doses. If that’s enough for you to hop in the car with me, then great. I welcome you. Now we can begin.

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