• Sally Smith

body as a container

Years ago, before you were born, your etheric Self dwelled in the cosmos uninhibited by time or space. Suddenly the planets shifted and the Universe aligned according to the exact circumstances that would best coincide with your life lessons: your mission in this life. Then, your soul dropped down into a body. 

A partnership ensued from that point on, where your body houses your spirit. One of our biggest challenges in our embodied existence is reconnecting with our eternal Self. The human body, more advanced than any other animal, is the only being on earth whose mind has the potential to reconnect with the divine. Through our mind, and proper technique, we can uncover layers of the subconscious and transcend. In these moments of transcendence, we develop soul insight that helps us realize our life lessons: our spaces in which to grow, and ultimately evolve, on this plane and within the greater realm of the cosmos.

Our physicality greatly impacts our psyche. Ease in the body creates ease in the mind, and because the mind is our portal towards divine understanding, we need to cultivate the tools to take care of and understand our spiritual dwelling. 

Though there are various different modalities of self-realization, yoga has a unique way of blending the physical with the psychological in one single practice. In order to begin: map yourself out. Organize the body by placing yourself on a grid. Give yourself a tangible measure to access your center: the art of orientation. From center, you give yourself periphery: the ability to see in all directions. You will soon begin to notice your habits: your personal propensities. You’ll start to see where you get thrown off center: your strengths will fortify you and your weaknesses will incapacitate you. The practice is in balancing it all out. 

After existing in unencumbered freedom, when a soul drops into a body, it is cramped and uncomfortable. An organized body is spacious. A spacious body creates ease and ease creates joy. Joy connects us with the divine. 

Ultimately, the science of self-realization is the true meaning of yoga. Self-realization begins in the mind that is able to sit, observe, and still its waters. Stillness creates a quiet that is so profound, so full of depth, that you access a different place entirely. It is here where you receive the gifts of your work.

And because the body is a product of divine creation, it is governed by all the natural laws of the universe. It is a microcosm of universal design; therefore its intelligence is implicit, yet supreme. When you do the work, you learn to distinguish intuition from ego; it is your intuition that will lead you down a path providing the potential to fulfill your role in the Universal plan.

To organize the body is to organize the mind. Open yourself up and create space. Acknowledge the insights and set them into action. This is the path your soul sought out; this is the body of the soul’s choosing. Take care of and continue to cultivate this lifelong connection: soul and body; the path to evolution requires a partnership.