• Sally Smith

divine amnesty

Updated: Aug 4, 2019

Awhile ago, in a deep guided meditation experience, I received the lesson, “Divine Amnesty:” two words which, individually, I knew the meaning, but together has created one of my most profound insights to this day.

It took some thought to uncover what this may mean, but with any soul-given insight, I think that the meaning that you derive is exactly what was intended. Divine has a conjunction with God; I knew that much. I also knew that God is just one name for what I refer to as Source. To me, it is the omnipotent, all-encompassing, universal being that is the one sole essence for all that is sacred and celestial. Whether or not this presence comes to you in the form of a religion or just a spiritual sense of being, it is all the same. Divine refers to this Source. 

Amnesty was a word that I had heard before but at the time was not entirely aware of the meaning: an official pardon. Amnesty, being a pardon given from an official authority, I knew that what I was dealing with was a Godly or Source-given pardon. Therefore, in stringing the two words together to create a coherent thought, “Divine Amnesty” simply means that if Source forgives it, so can you. 

Divine Amnesty when practiced truthfully, creates the quality of total and complete understanding for all of humanity, and here’s why: every person is a product of their own unique individual circumstances. Their attitudes and beliefs were either inherited from their genetics or learned from the social or media interactions in which they were exposed. In a way, a lot of people can’t help the way that they turn out, unless however, they have an acute sense that they should broaden the perspective of their upbringing; but then again, that underlying awareness must be taught at some point or another.

The “Divine” comes into play when we add another dimension to it. Every soul comes into embodiment with a very specific set of karmic lessons that they must first uncover and then integrate into their own understanding of their life’s mission. Whatever life that a soul chooses for itself is literally the life that will best foster and incubate a path to working out its karmic lessons. Some souls like to work fast: giving themselves more challenging circumstances with hopes to overcome and evolve. Some souls come in for reasons totally separate from their own path; perhaps to help another soul realize their karmic deficiencies and create an obstacle to either overcome or to fall victim. The point is, souls come down for various different reasons; their humanoid qualities are simply a piece of their embodied vehicle that could be primed for a certain lesson or perhaps to simply provide a medium for sustained evolution.

The most important thing out of all this is to remember that in this embodied existence, there is absolutely no way to understand where a soul is coming from or what their mission is on this earth. Therefore, in practicing Divine Amnesty, we remember that we are all simply souls with the purest of conscience and the best of intentions. We come from a world of pure love and unadulterated understanding; this is our soul’s true character and motivation.

All in all, if this added dimension of an eternal soul is too much, the lesson is the same. There really is no way to understand another person’s specific experience in this world, and it is their experiences that have shaped them. The best we can do is give love and practice understanding; this in truth, is Divine Amnesty.