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I wrote this piece back in June about the current state of the world. My perceptions about the world are constantly in flux—every new morsel of information and teachings has the ability to shift my perspective in some small or major way. This was June and as more information comes in, I'll continue to add to this narrative.


I don’t know what’s going on anymore. As if the past five months in social isolation hasn’t been heavy enough—the deaths, the fear, the uncertainty about our individual and collective futures—now all across the United States, protests have erupted regarding police brutality and systematic racism, continuing a battle that started centuries ago. Everyday hurts in a new and different way. If it’s not the fear of humanity setting into my fibers, it’s the anger projected around the world. If it’s not the depression or the loneliness, it’s the anxiety about what to do now or next. If it’s not the conflict between the push for hope or the sinking realization of hopelessness, it’s knowing that we, as human beings with a long history behind us, are reaching a critical breaking point where one of two new realities will unfold around us. The first, a reality whose structures uphold wisdom, insight, and goodness; or the opposite that relies on ignorance, oppression and wickedness.

I’m not going to pretend to be some social advocate; someone who is qualified to speak about this time. That’s not me and that’s not where my strengths lie. What I can do, and what gives me a sense of security is identifying the patterns that present themselves in both our inner and outer nature and looking at the greater picture beyond what we can explicitly see. In Taoism, there is the yin and the yang: two forces that lie in total and complete oppositeness until they reach their extreme and merge into one another ultimately revealing their paradoxical nature; they are one in the same. In sacred geometry, these same two forces make up the foundation that exist within the archetype of the number “two.” Two represents duality, the masculine and the feminine, the mother and the father. Two gives birth to the number three: the trinity, a cycle of three bound to repeat.

In the spiritual dialogue, there is the notion of creating, sustaining, and destroying— another trinity. Place that within the context of the Covid-19 pandemic: a civilization created, the growth and utilization of resources, the overpopulation and destruction of the planet. In 2020, the earth might take a breath of relief, but humanity is struggling above the surface. Now, look at this cycle again in the context of the Black Lives Matter Movement: a new world built on the foundations of slavery and inequality, the development and growth of social infrastructure and flawed systems, and finally, the dismantling of those very same systems after time and time again they prove their wavering qualities.

These are all minor examples. Spirit relays this truth to us over and over again, that nothing lasts forever and sooner or later something is going to break. In my mind, everything finds its own reasoning when we look at the greater picture. We all have an individual and collective history within the realm of the cosmos, where lessons are there waiting for us if we only care to open up our awareness and take a look around.

If we accept the fact that change is coming and realize that this change could manifest in one of two ways, our next job is to decide which side of the change we want to be on. Much of humanity wants what comes easily; to go about their lives unchanged and unbothered. The path of goodness requires hard and toilsome work. It requires that you not only participate in the world around you but you also reflect deeply on yourself. It’s tiring and it’s daunting, but ultimately it’s a personal training regimen to combat the other side; the side that wants to pull you down, distract you and disown you.

The Buddha describes aging, sickness and death as the three divine messengers of the human condition because no human, despite their circumstance, can escape these perils. In the face of these threats, however, one can find peace by living righteously and doing meritorious deeds. Chaos and hardship is the great equalizer of the human condition; they’re unavoidable and universal, so by living and acting along a sense of morality and integrity, you gain a sense of control and establish good footing.

From the spiritual perspective, remember that your soul chose to be here. It chose this body and this circumstance. The underlying theology beneath all major religions is that our eternal soul has a say in the body it chooses to reside in. Oftentimes, it is a great and wise soul that would sacrifice their existence in order to present an opportunity to humanity. So don’t feel sorrow for George Floyd or any of his predecessors because their soul, their inner spirit with an omnipotent perspective, chose to be integral players in the greater fight for change across the human existence. Honor their memory by taking up arms.

Moments of chaos have an immense capability to bring about opportunities for growth. Use this time to look inward and to understand what lessons need to be learned and where you can contribute. Your work might reside on the frontlines in the midst of protest and violence; or your efforts might be more subtle as you work personally to define your ethical code. So again, in these moments of powerlessness, ask yourself what you can best offer in the fight to elevate humanity. What do your individual circumstances ask of you and how can you give that quality to others. What’s your best weapon? This is not a path we walk alone, but in actuality, my evolution depends on yours. The path ends in a complete and collective merge within the whole, but I don’t get there unless you do. So in this time of fear and uncertainty, practice understanding. Help one another and lend your talents. Educate and uplift. Receive. Look at the big picture and trust that the Source that governs the Universe is made up of the same spirit that governs your existence. You have a unique place in all this chaos with the power to choose how you want to represent yourself. Live out your lessons and live up to your own sense of righteousness. The Universe is designed in an inexplicable way, but if you do your part within the greater scheme, you gain your power back and you contribute to the change.

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