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My offerings integrate my background and studies in philosophy, cosmology, and consciousness as well as psychology and spirituality to help orient individuals on their path of personal and spiritual evolution. My work with others is a fun, joyous, and reciprocal relationship. Together, we learn more about our place within this wild and wonderful cosmos.


Depth Hypnosis is a spiritual counseling technique that utilizes principles from transpersonal psychology, Buddhism, shamanism, and hypnotherapy to help individuals access the deep and unconscious layers of our psyches. Part of the human condition involves losing or repressing certain pieces of ourselves by various degrees of trauma. Trauma, in any form or degree, causes a part of our Whole Self to split apart. As we mature, all the pieces of our Self left unresolved in the unconscious, tend to manifest outwardly and create conflict in our lives. By delving into our unconscious mind, we are able to go directly to the root of our conflicts to reclaim these lost pieces in the effort of becoming Whole.


Depth Hypnosis is for anyone. Whether you’re on a spiritual quest for more understanding or looking to heal more explicit conditions like depression or anxiety, we all benefit from making unconscious patterns conscious. Depth Hypnosis takes us right to the root of any problem and provides both insight and healing. In practice, Depth Hypnosis looks like a guided meditation toward a subtly altered state of consciousness where you find the capacity to access unconscious material as well as your own inner wisdom.


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*I am offering free or donation-based sessions to a handful of clients while I am completing my certificate. Email me about availability.


Yoga is a practice to orient oneself in shifting times. While the world outside changes constantly, we can learn to create the inner conditions that allow for ease, balance, and joy. My teaching style is influenced by Katonah Yoga, created by Nevine Michaan, and sprinkled with my own studies in psychology, spirituality, philosophy, cosmology, and consciousness.


Yoga is a technique that puts you in your body and puts your body in the world. Through the practice, we make the unconscious conscious. We grapple with the theory and churn it over in our minds. Eventually, through repetition, we’re able to experience the theory in our body. Only then, do we truly integrate. And wow does that integration feel good.


Through my classes and privates, we play with theory. We try it on for size. We contemplate how it shows up in our lives. We practice awareness and letting go. We laugh a lot. We don’t worry too much. Yoga is fun, it’s a way to practice for life.

Group Classes - San Francisco
Find me at The Pad on Union Street or Zoom
Katonah Yoga - 9AM Fridays
Katonah Yoga - 4PM Sundays

If you feel curious about exploring any of these offerings further, email me to set up a time to chat.