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Explore with me! 

My offerings integrate my background and studies in philosophy, cosmology, and consciousness as well as psychology and spirituality to help orient individuals on their path of personal and spiritual evolution. My work with others is a fun, joyous, and reciprocal relationship. Together, we learn more about our place within this wild and wonderful cosmos.

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I work with individuals one-on-one to peel away the layers that obscure the soul within—our true and rightful self. In the same way the acorn contains the blueprint for the oak tree, each soul contains a blueprint of our fully actualized potentials. It’s up to us to clear away the dust and debris—critical voices, attachments and aversions, and outdated beliefs that cloud our understanding. In doing so, we emerge more fully, finding both joy and liberation along the way.


Depth Hypnosis is a spiritual counseling technique that utilizes principles from transpersonal psychology, Buddhism, shamanism, and hypnotherapy to help clients access the deep and unconscious layers of their psyches. Part of the human condition involves losing or repressing certain pieces of ourselves by various degrees of trauma. Trauma, in any form, causes a part of our Whole Self to split apart. As we mature, all the pieces of our Self left unresolved in the unconscious tend to manifest outwardly and create conflict in our lives. By delving into our unconscious mind, we are able to go directly to the root of our conflicts to foster a deep and lasting resolution.

Depth Hypnosis is for anyone. Almost every emotional, mental, and physical discomfort originates at the spiritual and energetic level. Clients can resolve issues around anxiety, depression, addictive processes, relationships, and more. Throughout our work, clients will inevitably find a deepened sense of self-awareness, personal power, and fulfillment.


In practice, Depth Hypnosis looks like a guided meditation toward a subtly altered state of consciousness where you find the capacity to access unconscious material as well as your own inner wisdom. In sessions, I utilize teachings and provide insights and practices from my studies in consciousness with a particular focus on psycho-spiritual perspectives including jungian psychology, eco-psychology, cosmology, and yoga studies.

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Additional Themes to Explore:

  • Purpose and potential

  • Connection to your inner world and wisdom

  • Spiritual exploration

  • Biography and karma

  • Addiction recovery

  • Eco-grief and eco-resilience

  • Embodiment techniques

  • Cosmological perspectives

  • And more...


I offer a sliding scale from $100 - $160 per 60 minute session. Choose a rate where you feel most comfortable. Introductory 3 Session Package: $250 - $430.

*My sliding scale offers a large range to allow the opportunity to those who might not be able to afford the typical fee. Anyone able to select a higher rate plays an integral role in the success of this framework. I don't want cost to be a factor in discouraging anyone from this work. If you're interested in working with me but cost is an issue, please get in touch.

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Our bodies are our earthly abodes. They carry memory—from our own lives, from our ancestry, from our individual experience and our collective experience. Our memory supports us in accessing the innate wisdom that humans have carried within us for thousands of years. It’s a skillful idea to garner the techniques to open our bodies, and learn how to listen and interpret the ways in which our bodies communicate to us.

4:30PM Sundays - Katonah Yoga at The Pad in SF

I work with clients one-on-one in a yoga setting to open up the body by means of long restorative poses and hands-on adjustments. This type of work is catered to your goals and follows the wisdom of your body. It is especially conducive for deeper explorations of any aspect of the physical body as well as the more subtle mental-emotional-energetic bodies. This is a co-creative experience where I will hold space with sweetness and intention so that you can sink more deeply into the comfort of your wonderful, wise, and intelligent body.


A private yoga session can be a space where we take a holistic approach to exploring the Self through the portal of the body, following whatever arises and utilizing meditation, breathwork, and dialogue to access the deeper layers of insight. Private yoga can also be more focused on the traditional posture practice. I teach in the styles of vinyasa, restorative, and Katonah Yoga. Book a call or send me an email to go over any questions and to discuss your needs within the practice. 

Privates are offered in-person in the Bay Area or anywhere on Zoom.

If you want to learn more or touch base regarding something else, please email me at

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