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Explore with me! 

My offerings integrate my background and studies in philosophy, cosmology, and consciousness as well as psychology and spirituality to help orient individuals on their path of personal and spiritual evolution. My work with others is a fun, joyous, and reciprocal relationship. Together, we learn more about our place within this wild and wonderful cosmos.

Image by Brianda Maldonado
An Earth-based approach to help us remember and reconnect with our true and wild selves

I work with individuals one-on-one to help facilitate a deeper connection with our sense of Self, our body, our planet, and our community of human and more-than-human others. This work is about liberation—becoming conscious of, peeling away, sometimes decolonizing, the ways in which our minds and bodies have forgotten that both freedom and belonging are our human birthright. We engage with this work in order to unleash our truest sense of Self, unearth our soul’s purpose, and enact our purpose within the world.

Sessions are an open-ended space to deepen into and explore whatever feels most alive in your inner world. Our limiting beliefs present themselves as critical voices, attachments and aversions, and inherited ideas about ourselves and the world that did not begin with us. In session, we engage with the body, breath and psyche using tools and techniques such as restorative yoga poses, pranayama exercises, meditative and hypnotherapeutic processes, and shamanic techniques, all of which are intended to help deepen your awareness toward your own inner wisdom and to heal the places that might still require our care and compassion.


This is not therapy and I am not a therapist. I help create the conditions and facilitate a relationship between you and your own inner wisdom using my studies in psychology, spirituality, cosmological and ecological philosophies, Taoism, Buddhism, shamanism, energy medicine, and other Earth-based and embodied ways of knowing and being. That being said, big feelings are always welcome here. Sessions are a space to show up exactly as you are, to be held in a supportive container, and to embody the reality of our human condition, in all its wild, beautiful, and complex expressions.


Each client relationship and session-format is totally unique and catered to the client’s needs and desires. The best way to learn more and to determine our fit together is to set up a call. I currently offer sessions on zoom (anywhere in the world) or in-person at the client’s home/out in Nature (Bay Area), although other accommodations can potentially be made for in-person inquiries. I look forward to meeting you!

Image by Laurenz Kleinheider

Our bodies are our earthly abodes. They carry memory—from our own lives, from our ancestry, from our individual experience and our collective experience. Our memory supports us in accessing the innate wisdom that humans have carried within us for thousands of years. It’s a skillful idea to garner the techniques to open our bodies, and learn how to listen and interpret the ways in which our bodies communicate to us.

I work with clients one-on-one in a yoga setting to open up the body by means of long restorative poses and hands-on adjustments. This type of work is catered to your goals and follows the wisdom of your body. It is especially conducive for deeper explorations of any aspect of the physical body as well as the more subtle mental-emotional-energetic bodies. This is a co-creative experience where I will hold space with sweetness and intention so that you can sink more deeply into the comfort of your wonderful, wise, and intelligent body.


A private yoga session can be a space where we take a holistic approach to exploring the Self through the portal of the body, following whatever arises and utilizing meditation, breathwork, and dialogue to access the deeper layers of insight. Private yoga can also be more focused on the traditional posture practice. I teach in the styles of vinyasa, restorative, and Katonah Yoga. Book a call or send me an email to go over any questions and to discuss your needs within the practice. 

Privates are offered in-person in the Bay Area or anywhere on Zoom.

If you want to learn more or touch base regarding something else, please email me at

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