Book: Spirituality Will Save the World: A Beginner's Guide to Self-Realization
With increasing levels of polarization, humanity is moving in the wrong direction. We need to recognize our most innate intentions and actively act on achieving them. Spirituality, in its broadest sense, calls for personal betterment. By becoming aware of one’s own sense of spirituality—their belief system—the individual will set forth on the trajectory of improvement and enlightenment. The human, in its individuality, represents larger scale systems that define our existence. By consciously efforting towards a better personal ideal, the same changes will reflect in the external world around us. As a call for Self-realization in the modern world, this book surveys spirituality through a contemporary lens backed by ancient insight and the author’s personal experience. It is for anyone with an open-mind and an expanding perspective—written for the beginner by a beginner. This is not a text to be taken seriously. Have fun with the material as you begin to uncover or expand your belief system.
Coming out 1/28/22
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Destabilizing Masculinity by Sally Smith
Published w/ Mixed Mag