Let's face it. Quantum mechanics is confusing. In understanding the very basics of quantum physics, you have to rewire the entire way that your brain perceives reality. Forget the idea of time being a linear concept and forget space being something that physical matter occupies. It is all irrelevant.


I am not a scientist. The only reason that I can grasp what the potential of quantum theory could mean for humanity is because I first had a solid background in spirituality and metaphysics. I believe that our capacity for knowledge will expand exceedingly when the divide between spirituality and science ceases to exist and we recognize how the two fields can complement and support one another. Unfortunately, I am not qualified to properly explain entanglement or talk about the movement of electrons, so for this very reason, I'll give you two takes on energy: the scientific and the abstract. I have my own take on the abstract, but for the scientific perspective, here are two very short videos that will illustrate a solid backdrop on energy and human potential.
Start here to get your footing. This demonstrates the mystery of quantum physics and how scientists are looking for answers.
This is our bridge --- what the science means beneath the realm of spirituality.
Ok, now for my take on energymuch more metaphorical and esoteric, but sometimes blending science with metaphor only paints a clearer picture.
Energy underlies everything. It is the smallest component of the universe, yet it makes up our entire reality. It is our very purest form of a natural resource. Energy sets the conditions within the playing field of the cosmos. It is indifferent until it is utilized. Conscious intention drives energy towards manifestation. Consciousness gives energy a positive or negative charge. As the building blocks of the universe, energy creates everything and the consciousness driving the energy sets the motive behind creation. From this conscious intention, the physical world was created. Thoughts, emotions, language and actions, too, all stem from energetic waves set into motion by intention.


Really quick: conscious intention derives from a being that has consciousness, but doesn’t necessarily mean that this being had to be aware of their intention or creation. We “unconsciously” create every night when we dream. We spin off energy and create our own world all without an alert awareness. So when I say, “conscious intention,” know that I mean it is simply derived from a conscious being.

Energy spins and moves on a spectrum from very dense to very light. The slower the energy moves, the denser it is. Physical energywhat makes up “matter”is dense in form and therefore perceivable to human vision. When energy reaches a certain speed and frequency, it is no longer able to be seen and lies outside of human perception. We can’t see wifi waves or the air that we breathe, but there is no denying its presence. 

The first concept that we must grapple with is the acceptance that there is a lot going on beyond our perception and thus, beyond our comprehension. When we are able to accept this abstraction, suddenly ideas like inter-dimensional beings and energetic spirits don't seem too far fetched. It would seem that if we could begin to understand and unravel the laws of energy, then we might be able to create a different reality. People are already doing this, so our mission here is to spread this knowledge and its practicums to more and more people.


We could go in a million different directions here, so I want to hone it in on how this energy affects us and what we can do to maintain power and control over these implicit forces.

protection and utilization of external energy
We are constantly coming into contact with energy whether we are aware of it or not. One example is walking into a room, and almost immediately, maybe even physically, feeling an energetic shift within yourself. This energy is not your own, but rather present in the space that you just entered. The DMV is hell. When you walk in, any joy that you had gets sucked out of you and is replaced with boredom, dread, and defeat. It’s the energy in the air. How awesome would it be to not be affected by this? To walk in to the DMV and be unperturbed by any negative forces and maintain your present state of mind.


Fortunately, as human beings, we can exert some sort of power over the energy around us. We can protect ourselves from unwanted energy and utilize energies that are helpful in nature. In doing this, it is important to first recognize the positively charged energy versus negatively charged energy. All driven by some conscious intention, positive energies enhance the greater good by creating union and negative energies contribute to polarization and separateness. Below are a few examples of how energy might manifest.

positive manifestations:
negative manifestations:
All of these examples can be utilized in ways that further manifest as thoughts, words, or actions. The energy of greed leads to war. The energy of equality leads to policy change. We’re constantly running into energy that is not our own and there is nothing you can do to mitigate its existence. We can, however, shift our internal energies. We can’t change the outside world, but we do maintain complete control over our internal world. So, set up the conditions in your internal world to protect yourself from unwanted energies.
try this: protection meditation
Ideally, you do this every morning before you engage with anyone or anything else from the outside world. Because we all have cell phones, typically, this means do it first thing in the morning before checking your phone. Start up a meditation. Close your eyes and in a way that makes sense to you, consciously set up your barriers, boundaries and protection. Thought drives energy, but the more thought, intention and details you put into this exercise the stronger the energy will manifest. Visualize yourself in a protective sphere where no negative external energy can penetrate. Then, envision a portal from the crown of your head leading up towards the cosmos. I envision my portal guarded by my own spiritual guides. Whoever you deem the “protectors” of your portal, it is their job to filter what information comes in, the energy behind it, and to help you perceive that information in a way that is helpful to you. This can be as short as a two minute exercise, but it will protect you from any energy that is not your own, and therefore should have nothing to do with you.


In the same way you can protect yourself, you can consciously bring in helpful energy. It works the same way as protection. In whatever way makes sense to youmeditation, visualization, vocalizingsay what you want and like a magnet, that energy will make its way towards you. Again, the more attention you give it, the more likely this energy will manifest. Energy operates under its own constructs, the nature of which, I am not completely aware. But your intention gives it strength to manifest. Whatever energetic protection or utilization practice you want to engage in, do it with reverence, perseverance, and a strong sense of belief.

energy from within
Sometimes, even after you set up your protective boundaries, you still find that you are coming into contact with negative energies. Trauma, ancestral and personal, for example can trap energy inside of you. From here you create personal thought patterns or behaviors that stem from that deeply embedded and trapped negative energy. We combat the effects of this energy through personal healing. We want our bodies to be open conduits for energy to pass through and not become stagnant. We’re all born with trauma and we further acquire it as we grow up. Set up healing rituals, body work, and meditations that combat and release inbred and trapped trauma in order to release the negative energies associated. 
movement of energy:
Again looking through the abstract lens, energy doesn't occupy time or space and can move across the two in the blink of an eye. Energy varies in strength, too. We all do it. We get mad or frustrated at an individual and implicitly send negative energy towards them, even when we don’t mean it. This “energetic thought wave” is sent towards that person and may or may not make contact with them and manifest. An energetic wave from a simple and accidental negative thought probably won’t make it too far and will probably dissipate before ever meeting that individual, but when these messages gather strengtheither because the person is trained or because more people are sending the same messagethen it is more likely that the wave will manifest.
This energetic work can be utilized for good or evil, but on this site, we’re about the utilization of energy for good. Sending any negative energy wave will only create more divisiveness and contribute to the negative forces driving humanity down. Instead we must learn to rewire our negative thinking with positive thinking. And again, when we do this with reverence, perseverance and a strong belief, it is more likely that a positive manifestation will occur. Energy work becomes more powerful with more people participating and working towards a common mission. Together, they intensify an energetic wave and give it strength and power. When we work for the positive in both ourselves and the world, we create a cosmic ripple that will reverberate out into the larger structures of our society and the cosmos. We do have the power to affect change on a larger scale and it starts with the individual.
A Hawaiin therapist named Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len came up with the concept of ho'oponopono which is a notion, a technique, and a theory that by healing yourself, you in turn, can heal the world. All consciousness stems from a singular source which ultimately means we are all the same. Whatever issues and conflicts we witness in the world as a result of humanity's action is seen as our responsibility. The technique is simple:
I'm sorry.
Please forgive me.
Thank you.
I love you.
Say these words with reverence and significance. Put intention behind it. Heal something in yourself or direct it towards someone who needs healing. Direct it towards all of humanity. It doesn't matter just mean it. “I’m sorry” teaches us humility. “Please forgive me” teaches forgiveness and empathy. “Thank you” teaches gratitude and “I love you” teaches universal love for everyone. These are words that hold an incredible amount of energetic strength behind them and by consistently practicing this technique, you will affect change on some level. Trust its power and trust your own power.