homespace: a workshop

This workshop takes you on a three-part journey, each phase peeling back a layer in order to dive deep into the subconscious and access the Soul that resides within. It is here that lies one’s true and eternal home.


The physical, earthly body is a vehicle for a physical, earthly existence. The soul drops down to experience the lessons that this realm has to offer as a continuation of fulfilling a karmic destiny that began long, long ago, and will continue long past this life. We are forever evolving.


Embodiment is cramped, so we seek out spaciousness. Phase one will organize the physical body to create a well-maintained container. Our foundation is the physical. Once we are well adjusted, our bodies are now conducive towards a free-flowing breath. We then seep into phase two and engage our prana, the life force that ties our etheric soul to our physical body. This breath manipulation will, then, open up a subtle portal towards the subconscious. Finally, as we descend deeper, we utilize the essence of openness to reap any final insights through a restful and illuminating yoga nidra practice. 


This practice is intense, yet informative. Be prepared to put forth profound effort and trust your intuition for guidance. In the end, you will emerge with profound insights aligned with your own individual and unique perspective regarding your role in this existence.