God—the all powerful, omniscient force. The idea of a Higher power is found across the majority of religious faiths, but its role and image varies within every denomination. So what is this God-force? Is it the white, bearded man sitting atop his throne casting both pain and pleasure on all of humankind? Is it that creeper that awards his newest heavenly recruits with seventy-two virgins? Does he exist at all? Is he a she? Is it all just a metaphor?


When an idea is considered across various different faiths, we have to pay attention to the commonalities rather than the differences. Most religions, right down to the most Eastern and ancient, have come to the conclusion that somewhere in the cosmos, there exists an all-present force that governs or oversees existence. Of course, there are many theories about what this force actually is—Creator? Ruler? Alien Overlord? But these are all concepts thought up and designed by humanity and the subjective human experience. A notion as large as “God,” is too vast and too convoluted to find meaning or interpret within the limitations of language. When ideas become too big, the only solution to help us understand is to simplify.


I always start with the numbers. Contained solely within the numbers one, two, and three is the key that can help us define and understand the nature of the universe. The idea behind the number, One, is the representative essence of God. One is the creator. It is the whole. It is where all things begin and end. Here, we can think of God as a concept, or a Universal Law. All things are created and born into existence because of the presence of this energetic force. Like everything else on Earth and elsewhere, God is quite simply just an energy—an enormously powerful energy, but an energy nonetheless. 


As far as the history of God, we might never really know. But again, we can simplify with what we do know and use the numbers once again. In mitosis, a single cell separates into two cells, and the nature of the number two gives the universe duality. Duality means that two opposite forces will eventually reach an extreme that forces a release, creating the third. The third is the portal to all of creation. The Tao calls this creation, “the ten thousand things,” therefore, everything comes from One. It’s common to hear something along the lines of, “God lives within you,” and this is true to some extent. From the initial expansion of one, this God-energy expanded outward and created the ten thousand things. Humans, and everything else for that matter, are all a part of this creation and therefore, contain a spark of that God-energy. Some call this spark, the soul. 


Because we all contain a spark within, this means that this God-energy is not so hard to access. Many people turn to the Church or their priest to find a connection with God, but as the ancient sages taught us so long ago, all it takes to find God is an inward gaze. By accessing your soul—your true and Higher Self—you begin to access the ease and bliss associated with God. To know yourself is to know the Universe. The human consciousness is a direct portal to the higher dimensions, it just takes some concentration and clarity. Hard work, no doubt, but not impossible.


So God is whatever you need it to be. It can be the man in white, or it can be Source, or the Creator, or even the oceans. Whatever it is, remember that we are all a part of this Higher energy. No matter our belief system or background, this energy is the underlying interconnection of the ten thousand things. We might not ever know the true extent of God’s mission. Some speculate that this Universal consciousness wanted to experience every single condition of existence and so it decided to extend itself. Under this perspective, the human being is merely a container to hold this energy here on earth so that the Creator can experience all the trials, tribulations, joys, and ecstasies that accompany our unique, physical world. Who knows? I think the most important thing to remember about God—despite your existing beliefs—is that by acknowledging a Higher power in any capacity, you acknowledge all the infinite possibilities of existence, and that makes life pretty exciting.