yoga; meaning "to yoke" or unite
Yoga is not only a practice, but a lifestyle. There are four branches of yogathe yoga of devotion, the yoga of wisdom, the yoga of service, and the yoga of meditation and postures. These four practices characterize what it takes to live a well-rounded and balanced life on the path towards personal and spiritual betterment, otherwise known as Self-realization.

I am a writer, meditator, and universe explorer. I am also a scholar working on a Master’s degree in Philosophy, Cosmology, and Consciousness. I aim to play my part in bringing about a collective worldview grounded in the physical and spiritual dimensions of the Cosmos. The Universe strives toward greater complexity within an interconnected whole guided by its own principles and values. I imagine the role of humanity as a conscious agent of the cosmos responsible for the co-creative task of establishing the cosmogenetic principles through an embodied expression.