Come to Church

An intrinsic condition of humanity is that we yearn for the answers, meaning, and purpose that lie behind our everyday lives. This ancient and primal yearning is the root of religion and spirituality and the reason these practices and institutions remain so prominent in every culture across the globe. Unfortunately, I don’t have the answers, but I can help stoke your desire for meaning through a non-dogmatic and fun exploration of spirituality and consciousness. 


Church is a combination of meditation, yoga, breathwork, and “lecture.” The lecture aspect might cover anything from yoga philosophy and psychology to the evolution of consciousness, all of which is personally informed by my studies and practices. Church is intended to fulfill your spiritual yearning, to ignite and fuel your inner exploration, and to provide a sense of consistent and dynamic community (even if on zoom). 


Church is donation based, give what you can. 

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ZOOM LINK: Coming Soon