ancient wisdom

In my opinion, ancient wisdom should be the universal textbook for all of humanitywe just need to know how to navigate it. You can find it in old religious and philosophical texts like the Bhagavad Gita, the Tao Te Ching, the Pali Canon, I-Ching, The Jap Ji and so much more. These texts consist of the words and teachings of the ancient sages. A sage is a very wise teacher with a profound connection to spirit. Being very in touch with their inner world, and thus, the cosmos, they brought back universal teachings from a network of higher energies that work to aid all those living an embodied existence here on earth. These sages taught spirituality and Self-realization as the key to living a fulfilling and worthwhile life. They practiced and preached meditation as a tool for experiencing the higher realms. They provided insight on how to do good for the greater good, that selfless service was the mission of the soul embodied. 


This information has been written down through various different lenses and perspectives and each take on the wisdom comes with its own translations and nuances. The trap in looking at just one perspective is that you completely cater to a single translation even if it doesn’t totally resonate with your belief system. I’ve found that by looking at various different perspectives, you can find the commonalities, recognize those synchronicities as universal truth, and everything else is just extra. For example, the Gita, the Tao, and Buddha all teach of service, but it’s said in different ways. Whether it’s performing selfless service, focusing the mind on loving kindness, or allowing the body to be a vessel for the soul to perform its mission, at their core, they're all talking about helping the greater good. There is truth in the commonalities. If the same message was delivered to various different people of various different faiths and backgrounds, then we can assume that this information is real and meant to be heard and spread. Next, we decide what resonates best for us. If you want to imagine that your body is simply a vehicle for your soul to work through, then that’s how you get to perceive it. But at the same time, if you want to practice the Eightfold Path of Buddhism, then you absolutely must. By being well-rounded in the faiths, you become a much more dynamic practitioner of spirituality and you can better relate to others around you.


Ancient wisdom is not hard to find, but it is hard to integrate into our thoughts, words, and actions. This wisdom can be used as a guide for life on earth. But life on earth is hard, as we all know, so it takes a tremendous effort to live by the ways of the teachings. Ancient wisdom is yours to interpret and yours to practice. Learn all that you can and then take whatever makes sense to you within your own specific life circumstances. We can use this wisdom to define and formulate our ever changing and fluid belief systems and in doing so, we’re given the tools and teachings to help us conceptualize and participate in our world.