about the mission, the author, and how to navigate this site...

I write in order to integrate. It’s one thing to learn something, but it’s a whole other thing to fully and truly infuse it into a way of thinking or being. That part is much harder. So I write, and it helps. I am deeply interested and in awe of the infinite cosmos. When I say infinite, I mean vastly endless and difficult to categorize or label so my studies are quite expansive, but really, they only scratch the surface. I like to learn and share. I wish I could say that I have integrated and fully understand the depths of what I write about on this site, but I think that would take a lifetime and more. I find the universe to be incredibly dope. Through exploration, you realize that we are more than this mundane reality. There is so much awe and magic in this great creation and we are all a part of it.


So, for you and for me, I’ve created a virtual cosmos—a place to learn, explore, and put these teachings to (virtual) paper. Under the explore tab, you’ll find more formal write-ups, often accompanied by further resources and inspiration. I’m constantly learning and fine-tuning my perspective. As I learn, I will update or add to this site. Something that I say today, may completely change by tomorrow. This conundrum alone is proof that we will never know anything, but it sure is fun to try. 


Despite the pure impossibility of categorizing the cosmos, I went ahead and gave it a shot. If you’ve already glanced at he explore tab, you might have realized that it covers a lot of seemingly unrelated topics. I view them as portals. These are the portals that can unleash some truth about the cosmos for those that choose to dive through it. Some information might resonate and other information will not. I encourage you to follow the portals that call out to you.


I explore because it widens my perspective and it makes me more at peace with the world around me. It has given me a profound sense of freedom and joy, and if it can do that for me, I imagine that it might do that for others.