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Sally Smith

Earth-based healer, Writer, Spiritual Counselor, Shamanic Practitioner, Depth Hypnosis, Yoga Teacher



I’m Sally. I am a writer, shamanic practitioner, and yoga teacher using all three techniques to explore the question of what it means to become human. In all of my work, I draw upon my studies in Philosophy, Cosmology, and Consciousness to discover the entanglements between psychology, ecology, and spirituality.

I'm deeply passionate about the evolution of our human potential as it concerns navigating the ongoing ecological crisis. I believe that our most fundamental tool lies in our reconnection to the planet to help recover and heal our inner worlds—our soul and psyche. A return and remembrance to our authentic nature is the most liberatory work that we, as individuals, can do. All inner transformation ripples out and deeply impacts the world around us. Our human recovery starts right where you are.

To learn more about my perspectives, visit and subscribe to Planet + Psyche on Substack. Weekly Journal out every Monday.

Want to work together? Explore my one-on-one offerings or email me with any questions or inquiries.
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