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Sally Smith

Psycho-Spiritual Counseling, Depth Hypnosis, Katonah Yoga



I’m Sally. I explore topics in consciousness studies and consider what it means to become human. My work with others includes techniques from Depth Hypnosis and Yoga Studies to help my clients embody their full potentials and obtain a felt sense of liberation. I am currently working on my Masters in Philosophy, Cosmology, and Consciousness at the California Institute of Integral Studies. While no topic is off limits, I love to explore and promote psycho-spiritual themes concerning individual healing processes and theory and how those same themes can be applied to the collective and our individual work in the world.

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why yoga?

Yoga, at its core, is a philosophy and a psychology. By filtering my life through the lens of yoga, it keeps me honest and holds me accountable. Through yoga, I seek to understand my inner being as a member of this interconnected cosmos. My aim is nothing less than my own emergent evolution along the lines of universal directionality. Day to day though, my yoga studies help to create a steady framework in which to orient myself in shifting times and serve as a backdrop for my work with others.
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